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When I started thinking about what I would name this venture, I thought a lot; mostly because for anything personal one tends to become overtly critical and ends up nixing more than one too many a good idea. I wanted something fun, something that gives the idea that I like to design across mediums of communication or just esoteric beauty. I also wanted it to reflect the impishness that comes from restlessness of searching for new ideas- a constant itch to do something new that drives a simple word called passion. Pixystudio was a simple amalgamation of these two thoughts. A studio which would look at designing; be it interiors or edm’s and a pixy that would reflect the impish restlessness that is the core of any creative venture from website designs to logo work to viral videos.

what this site is about

This site is my online portfolio of work. After almost fifteen years of working for various organisations as a graphic and web design expert my core areas of expertise have expanded to content and copywriting, viral videos, photography and social media marketing, along with graphic and web design because the world is changing and as a professional I have had to add skill sets to remain contemporary and competitive. Today I work mostly as an independent consultant and continue to do projects which I find challenging and which drive that pixy inside me.